What is the Legacy Protection Plan™?

So you’ve finished your planning, and you now enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family and finances will be taken care of. Chances are your plan today won’t match up with your wishes ten years, five years or maybe even one year from now!

Maintaining your plan can be just as important as making one and the Legacy Protection Plan™ was created to provide our clients with affordable ongoing options for estate plan maintenance.

Learn More About the Legacy Protection Plan™

As life changes, so should your Estate Plan: new child or children, marriage or divorce, significant variation in net worth, or the acquisition and/or sale of real estate are just a few life changes that can potentially have a dramatic effect on the structure of your Estate Plan. Additionally, changes to the applicable law can potentially have a profound impact on your estate plan even if your life situation remains relatively unaltered.

In order to assist you in ensuring that your Estate Plan stays up-to-date, the Estate Planning and Legacy Law Center is proud to offer theLegacy Protection Plan™. Under this plan, you will be provided with the opportunity to have an Annual Funding Review, have either an Annual OR Bi-Annual Review, make minor adjustments due to changes in trustee or beneficiary designations, update designees in your Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directives, have a reasonable number of no charge telephone and notary services, and the membership in EPLLC Client Portal™.

What is Included in the Legacy Protection Plan™?

Annual or Bi-Annual Review

Annual Review

  • One scheduled, no-charge 30-minute session each year; 15 minutes with one of our Florida Registered Paralegals and 15 minutes with an attorney, as necessary
  • Review and update asset and funding schedules
  • Review changes in “life circumstances” – births, deaths, retirement, marriage/divorce, etc. – that affect your Estate Plan.
  • Provide simple changes to documents at no charge, e.g.
  • New or changed Trustees, Beneficiaries, Personal Representatives, Powers of Attorney designations
  • New or changed designees for all ancillary documents – Living Wills, Health Care directives, etc.

Bi-Annual Review

  • One scheduled no-charge 45-minute session every second year with an attorney (in place of the Annual Review):
  • You will be provided with an Estate Plan document summary and we will review it with you
  • We will determine whether an Estate Planning update is necessary to maintain Estate Plan viability and effectiveness and will discuss consequent fees in the event substantive changes are necessary.

Annual Funding Review

We will provide you with a pre-meeting “checklist” to ensure all critical assets have been properly funded into the trust and will provide funding assistance at a preferred rate.

Telephone Calls

You will have the ability to make a reasonable number of no-charge calls to our paralegals and administrative staff with questions about your Estate Plan throughout the year.

PLEASE NOTE: calls with attorneys may be billed at our usual hourly rates, including calls to staff requiring attorney input.

Education, Correspondence and Workshops

We will include you in the following programs to keep you in touch with changes and developments in Estate Planning:

  • Our firm’s newsletter
  • Quarterly seminars, e.g. Trustee/Successor Trustee workshops, Medicaid Planning, Changes in the Estate Tax laws
  • Special client appreciation days
  • Periodic blogs and e-mail blasts

No Cost Consultation upon Trust Maker’s Death

A complimentary one hour review of Client’s Estate Plan with family members, Trustees or successor Trustees upon Trust Maker’s incapacity or death.

Registration in EPLLC Client Portal™

EPLLC Client Portal™ is an electronic database that serves as a secure online repository for all your estate planning, legal, and financial documents. Storing your important documents provides a number of benefits: it solves the “where should I store these important documents so that someone can find them when they are needed”, it permits your financial advisors to work collaboratively to achieve your financial objectives and it allows your healthcare providers and loved ones access to your healthcare documents in an emergency. Moreover, EPLLC Client Portal™ allows you to store all of your online/website usernames and passwords to ensure that upon your death, your designated successors have access to your online accounts

  • We will open an account in your name(s)
  • We will provide you with simple instructions for use including choosing/storing passwords and user names
  • We will place copies of all key planning documents into EPLLC Client Portal™ and create “access instructions” for you, your financial advisors and your family members

Notary Services

Upon prior request and reasonable notice, we will provide notary services for up to five documents at a time, free of charge.


Per Couple: $400/year

Per Individual: $300/year 

Remainder of current calendar year is complimentary for clients completing full Estate Planning documentation.  Thereafter, you will be billed on or about January 1 of each successive year.

Family and Friends Discount

Family members, friends and business contacts that you refer to us for Estate Planning services will receive a $200 discount on their bill for legal services.

First Year and Successive Years

New estate planning clients automatically become members of the Legacy Protection Plan for the remainder of the year in which they complete their Estate Plans. Thereafter, an annual fee will be billed for the succeeding years on or about January 1.

Clients who are not members of the Legacy Protection Plan will be billed separately for services rendered at the then current hourly rates.