Why a GunDocx™ Trust?

Protect your family and own, share and transfer firearms responsibly, with a GunDocx™ Trust.

A Properly drafted Gun Trust helps you acquire, own, share, and transfer your firearms the way you want.

Free trusts, do-it-yourself trusts, online trusts, and conventional living trusts put you and your family at risk. You need a trust designed specifically for guns. That’s why we use GunDocx™ Trusts.

What Is A Gun Trust

Simply put, it’s a revocable living trust (RLT) specifically written to own guns. RLTs are commonly used for estate plans, while a GunDocx™ Trust is specifically written for firearms with detailed instructions about how trust assets will be used and by whom. You can change it when you want, and you can share your guns on your terms. The GunDocx™ Trust system is used by over 100 of the finest lawyer members of the gun law community.*

* www.gundocxlawyers.com

What Is A Gun Trust For?

Most firearm owners prefer using an entity to make it easier to acquire NFA firearms they can own in their state. Using an entity avoids the need to apply through your local Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) for a “sign-off” before applying to the BATFE. A GunDocx™ Trust avoids the CLEO sign off and does not require annual state registration or fees.

How Does a Gun Trust Work?

You appoint a Trustee who is given power to administer trust assets and benefit persons, all of which is stated in your document. You can design it for anyone, including yourself, and you can be the Trustee and beneficiary, too.

What Is The “Accidental Felony” I Hear About?

Federal, state, and local laws control registration, possession (even temporary possession, such as when at target practice), and legal ways to transfer firearms. Some transfer violations do not require the intent to commit a crime… the act alone may be a felony!

A purpose-built GunDocx™ Trust safeguards you from the risks associated with owning and transferring firearms to others such as your gun trust beneficiaries. A GunDocx™ Trust protects your privacy, property, family, and friends.

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